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If you represent a Restaurant/Club and you would like to make your empty tables available for reservation on ReZZo, please write us at contact@rezzo.bg.


What restaurants that are already participating in ReZZo think about the service:



We are extremely pleased with the service that ReZZo provides. It gives us the opportunity to optimize and fill the quite times in our restaurant. As well, we think that the customers that use the service of ReZZo are customers that not only look for the big discount no matter what they buy, but are such who want to get the same quality service at a better price. This helped us enlarge our circle of customers.

Martin Popov

Taj Mahal Restaurant Manager





ReZZo helps us optimize our work capacity at Happy Victoria by bringing us customers at times that we have available tables and helps us fill them with happy guests. In that way we maximize our revenue and profits. Something really interesting and very important, which we noticed - the average bill of a customer, who has made a reservation through ReZZo and has a discount is 30% higher thant the average bill of a customer who is visiting the restaurant without reservation from the website!

Ivailo Kirov

Happy Victoria Restaurant Manager





ReZZo is a tool, which helps us introduce to a larger circle of customers the unparalled quality and high class of the food, the service and the atmospere of Captain Cook Kempinski. This creates as well the habit of that larger circle of customers to visit and be guests to a higher class of restaurants and properly appreciate what they could offer them.

Ilian Mihnev

Captain Cook Kempinski Restaurant Manager